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10th Anniversary of the Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica
Academia Sinica was founded in 1928. In the same year the Institute of History and Philology (IHP) was established. In order to extend the tradition of Chinese language studies to modern linguistic research methodology, Director Ssu-nien Fu appointed Yuen Ren Chao as the chairperson of the Linguistics Section of the IHP. Yuen Ren Chao, together with Changpei Luo and Fang-Kuei Li, accomplished a considerably large number of works on Chinese and minority languages. In 1948, the IHP was relocated to Taiwan. On the basis of the Linguistics Section of the IHP, the Preparatory Office for the Institute of Linguistics was established in 1997. During the period from 1948 to 1997, renowned scholars such as T’ung-ho Tung, Fa-kao Chou, Shih-feng Yang, Pang-Hsin Ting, Jen-kuei Li and Hwang-cherng Gong had significantly contributed to the research development of modern linguistics in Taiwan. They conducted diachronic and synchronic studies on phonology, morphology, and syntax of a variety of languages in China and in Taiwan. It has been ten years now since the Institute of Linguistics of Academia Sinica (ILAS) was formally established in 2004. The ILAS research fellows continue to uphold the research tradition by analyzing linguistic structure and carrying out comparative, typological studies of languages in China and in Taiwan. Empirical linguistic evidence used for synchronic and diachronic analyses are scientifically obtained by fieldworks, corpora, neural as well as experimental data. In the next ten years, the ILAS tradition will be carried on by enhancing interdisciplinary innovation.

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of ILAS, exclusive talks and parallel panels are organized in the afternoon sessions on June 5th. Exclusive talks will be delivered by Professor Ovid J.-L. TZENG, Professor Ying-chin LIN, and Professor Elizabeth ZEITOUN. For participation of the parallel panel session, please sign up at the IsCLL-14 online registration. Details please see below.

Exclusive Talks:

Ovid J.-L. TZENG: Language and Human Complexity: A Neurobiological Perspective

Ying-chin LIN: The Linguistics Section of IHP: A Retrospective

Elizabeth ZEITOUN: 2004-2014: Ten years of expansion in Formosan linguistics

Parallel Panels:

1. Historical Linguistics (Chair: Pei-chuan WEI)

*Discussants: Pang-hsin TING, Jackson T.-S. SUN, Min-hua CHIANG, Rui-wen WU

2. Formal Syntax and Semantics (Chair: Chih-Chen Jane TANG )

*Discussants: C.-T. James HUANG, Henry Yungli CHANG, Chih-hsiang SHU, Wei-wen Roger LIAO

3. Formosan Linguistics (Chair: Elizabeth ZEITOUN )

*Discussants: Paul Jen-Kuei LI, Hui-chuan J. HUANG, Stacy Fang-ching TENG

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