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Day 2: June 5, 2014
09:00-10:10Keynote speech: Pang-hsin Ting
Chair: 戴浩一
Session 4 Chair: 蘇以文
10:10-10:40Matthias Gerner: The Austro-Thai Hypothesis (ongoing project report)
10:40-11:10Robert Blust: The Higher Phylogeny of Austronesian and the Position of Tai-Kadai: Another Look
Session 5 Chair: 林若望
11:30-12:00Rui-heng Ray Huang: Left Periphery and Chinese Neutral Questions
12:00-12:30Yang Zhou: 試論漢語西部方言中“V-O-著”語序的形成
14:00:14:20The 10th Anniversary of ILAS: ILAS Director's speech
ILAS Exclusive talks Chair: 鄭秋豫
14:20-14:50Ovid J.-L. Tzeng: Language and Human Complexity: A Neurobiological Perspective
14:50-15:20Ying-chin Lin: The Linguistics Section of IHP: A Retrospective
15:20-15:50Elizabeth Zeitoun: 2004-2014: Ten years of expansion in Formosan linguistics
16:10-17:30Parallel panel discussions
Historical Linguistics (ILAS Room 519): Pang-hsin Ting, Pei-chuan Wei (Chair), Jackson T.-S. Sun, Min-hua Chiang, Rui-wen Wu
Formal Syntax and Semantics (ILAS Room 525): James Huang, Chih-Chen Jane Tang (Chair), Henry Yungli Chang, Chih-hsiang Shu, Wei-wen Roger Liao
Formosan Linguistics (ILAS Room 719): Paul Jen-Kuei Li, Elizabeth Zeitoun (Chair), Hui-chuan J. Huang, Stacy Fang-ching Teng
18:00-20:00Banquet (4F, Humanities and Social Sciences Building)
Day 3: June 6, 2014
09:10-10:10Keynote speech*: Paul Jen-Kuei Li
Animals and Plants for the Formosan Natives
Chair: 黃美金
Session 6 Chair: 蔡維天
10:10-10:40Elizabeth Zeitoun, Fang- ching Stacy Teng: The position of Kanakanavu and Saaroa within the Formosan languages revisited
10:40-11:10Edith Catherine Aldridge: Ergativity from Subjunctive in Austronesian Languages
Session 7 Chair: 賴惠玲
11:30-12:00Yunfan Lai: Causative Constructions in Wobzi Khroskyabs
12:00-12:30Kathleen Teresa Ng: On the Typology of Basic Locative Constructions in Sinitic Languages
14:00-15:00Invited speech: Weera Ostapirat
Issues in the Reconstruction and Affiliation of Proto-Miao-Yao
Chair: 孫天心
Session 8 Chair: 吳聖雄
15:00-15:30Wen Liu, Feng Wang: 語音對應與苗瑤語比較研究—從完全對應的角度
15:30-16:00Yifan Yang: Evolutionary Process of zi Rime Change in North Henan Province: Perspectives of Linguistic Geography
16:00-16:30Closing ceremony
* Professor Shigeru Tsuchida's keynote speech is cancelled.
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